How to Order a Great Steak in NJ

Posted: May 21, 2018
great steak in nj

Great Steak in NJ

Most people have preferences about the cooking of their eggs. Subtle differences in cooking style and cooking time give vastly different results. It’s similar to steaks, although people don’t normally try to tell you that the way you eat eggs is inferior to another. Still, a bad steak can cause more upset than a poorly done egg, so it’s worth taking the extra effort to get it “right.”

A good bar and grill, restaurant, or entertainment club will want to do all they can to serve you a perfect steak. Here’s how to help when ordering a steak in NJ.

Let’s Talk About Steak, Baby

To ensure that you get a great steak in NJ, talk with your waiter. If you’re at a good restaurant, your waiter or waitress will be happy to talk about the details of your steak. He or she will be able to direct you to the best cut of meat and the best options for it, so that you get a meal that you’re really happy with.

Service personnel with flair and expertise may enjoy being asked for advice rather than being asked to simply take an order from the menu. When your server can provide you with personal service and know that you’re going to be delighted, that’s good news for everybody.

Some of the options to ask about include:

The cut – A great steak needs some fat. A lean steak may be healthier, but fat will give your steak flavor.

If you can, you want beef from a prime animal. A prime animal will not have been injected with growth-boosting hormones, which means that they will be fattier.

This isn’t the time to worry about calories. Enjoy your steak and then do some extra push-ups the following day if you need to. If you can’t stop worrying about your waistline, ask for beef that has been grass-fed, which is leaner than corn-fed beef.

When you get your steak, look for the marbling (fat that runs through the meat) as a sign of a steak with a richer flavor and a better texture. Try a strip steak for some of the best marbling in town.

The size – How much of a good thing is too much? Most people will do well with an eight-ounce steak.

If you are with someone else who is also planning to eat a steak, consider sharing a 16-ouncer. This is likely to be cheaper than buying two smaller steaks.

The method – Grill marks look great, but they can lead to bitter tasting sections of meat. The grilling process can also dry your meat.

Ask about cooking options. If they don’t suggest it, ask if the chef would finish your steak with butter. This will give your steak a dark chocolate color while leaving it very juicy.

However it’s prepared, remember to specify medium rare. You may have noticed what medium-rare means to people varies from restaurant to restaurant so it’s worth describing the final effect you are looking for: a red, cool (or slightly warm) interior.

Anything more than medium rare and the chef risks burning off all that flavorful fat. Anything less, and you don’t get the charred exterior contrasted with a cool interior that gives you the best of both worlds.

Don’t overdo it – A great steak in NJ needs nothing more than a little salt and pepper to bring out the full flavor. Enjoy your favorites sources or experiment with new ones, but keep them on the side so you can also enjoy the natural flavor of your steak whenever you want.

The secret to ordering a great steak in NJ is knowing what you want or by finding out what your preferences are. Be willing to give new things a try, even if they are out of your comfort zone.

Looking for a Great Steak in NJ?

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