Everything You Need for the Perfect Men’s Night Out in Morristown

Posted: August 31, 2018
men's night out

Men’s Night Out

When you are planning your next men’s night out, imagine the perfection of whiskey, go-go, sports and mouthwatering food all in one place. Instead of having to hop from one location to another to make your men’s night out awesome, you can settle in for the perfect evening with all your buddies, and never have to step foot outside of a one-stop location that has it all.

Fringe Lounge in Morristown is part of a complex of bars and clubs that cater to every single thing you might want for a night out on the town. Fringe itself is a true gentlemen’s club with all of the perks mentioned above. And, if you want a change of pace for part of the evening, you can always step downstairs to Cosmos 22, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, or head to Whiskey & Virtue for a break on the massive outdoor patio (Opening Spring 2019) or to burn off some energy dancing to House DJ’s and live bands in the warehouse-like club.

If you decide to stay at Fringe Lounge, though, you won’t be missing out on during your men’s night out. We truly have it all.


Whiskey, Brews, and Craft Cocktails

We know that quality drinks can make or break a men’s night out and that’s why we offer only the best concoctions at all of our locations.

Whiskey is a staple of any guy’s night out on the town, and we have it by the barrel. Whatever your preferred taste, you’ll find it at Fringe. You can sip on it straight, on the rocks, or as part of a mixed drink while you take in your entertainment of choice.

It’s not just Cosmos 22 that offers craft cocktails expertly created by mixologists. Our craft cocktail menu spans every one of our locations. And, if you are a beer fan, we have that too. From craft beers to popular and well-known brands, there’s a brew with your name on it. Try out our bottle service for an even better experience during your men’s night out at Fringe!


The Ultimate in Exotic Dancing

A great men’s night out involves high-class entertainment, and that’s one of the cornerstones of the Fringe philosophy. We aren’t your average gentlemen’s club. You will see that reflected in our entertainment lineup.

Our talent will blow your mind while fitting in with our refined atmosphere. As the best gentlemen’s club in Morristown, we want to offer our patrons an experience like no other, making Fringe Lounge the ideal destination for your men’s night out.


A Destination for Sports Fans

Sports fans, you’ve met your match. Fringe Lounge is a great place to take in the game, with screens and seating to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We love sports as much as you do, and are proud to be a premier sports bar destination. Sit back with your drink, root for your team, and enjoy the night with your friends whether they’re also cheering for your team or in for a bit of friendly competition.


A Menu You Can’t Resist

The Fringe men’s night out experience is completed by a look through our delectable menu. With a supper club vibe and some of the best steak in NJ, this isn’t your ordinary bar food. We source fresh, quality ingredients and our seriously skilled chefs work hard to turn them into culinary delights to match the drinks, the atmosphere, and of course, your appetite.

Fringe Lounge has it all, and we’re looking forward to hosting your next men’s night out.