Rockbottom Entertainment Enhances Nightlife In Morristown

Posted: June 20, 2018
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The latest additions to Morristown nightlife is coming this Summer

Morristown, NJ — This summer will be hotter than ever with the latest and greatest of nightlife in Morristown taking entertainment to new heights. Rockbottom Entertainment is pleased to announce Fringe Lounge, Cosmo’s 22 Club/Speakeasy, and the Whiskey and Virtue ultra-club openings, all scheduled for Summer 2018. It will be worth the wait!

Fringe Lounge is a high-end gentlemen’s club, situated just minutes from downtown Morristown, New Jersey. This isn’t your run of the mill club. It’s classy, upscale, and built to give patrons a high-end experience in a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. Fringe will feature beautiful and experienced talent, cabaret-style events, burlesque performances, and quality food served from noon until midnight.

For the utmost in adult entertainment, select a VIP party package, bottle service or create a custom experience for you and your closest friends.

Next, enter the rustic elegance of Whiskey & Virtue.

Whiskey & Virtue is a warehouse-style ultra-club, complete with a massive, adjacent, outdoor patio bar — the largest beer garden in Morris County with over 10,000 sq. feet of open air pleasure. It boasts a huge covered bar, comfortable tables and VIP seating, delicious menu items and weekly band entertainment.

Don’t confuse warehouse for industrial, though. This is a chic and stylish multi-level venue that pushes sound and lighting to the limits, making it the ideal Morristown nightlife location as a band venue, mingling, dancing, and DJ entertainment. Show up with your squad and take over the dance floor, or step out on the patio to make a new friend or two. At Whiskey & Virtue, you are sure to take note of the hottest bands, DJs, and floor shows, along with a full-service bar.

To step it up a notch, VIP and bottle service are available on request. Whether you are here for a good time, a long time, or both, Whiskey & Virtue is the perfect way to start your evening or end it on a high. And there’s more!  Discreetly located beneath Fringe Lounge and Whiskey & Virtue, you will find Morristown’s best-kept secret.

Cosmo’s 22 Club is a Prohibition-style speakeasy in an underground location that transports you to a different time and place.

Cosmo’s 22 Club is the place to go when you want to enjoy luxurious, hand-crafted cocktails created by professional mixologists. Or, make whiskey an experience by selecting the finest of the top shelf. Cosmo’s 22 Club offers an escape you cannot find anywhere else in Morristown nightlife.

Speakeasies used to keep a low profile to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention. These days, the drinks are legal, but the atmosphere is still exclusive. If it’s attention you want, this is the place to be – surrounded by the Morristown nightlife elite, fashionable, and the discriminating, Cosmo’s 22 Club has all you need to have a memorable night.

Rockbottom Entertainment chose to place these three premier Morristown nightlife attractions near to one another so that patrons can choose which venue hits the spot at any given time. It’s easy to enjoy the entertainment at Fringe, hear the hottest beats at Whiskey & Virtue, and sip on an upscale cocktail at Cosmo’s 22 Club, all in one night.

We are excited to welcome you to each of our venues this summer. We know that you will love mixing it up at all three of Morristown’s newest establishments.

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