NJ Bachelor Party Ideas

Posted: June 11, 2018
nj bachelor party ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas in NJ

Organizing a party may go any number of ways, but the words “bachelor party,” set a tone right away. It doesn’t have to be all “Hangover.” Nobody needs to be tied to a post. It’s probably better if nobody is arrested. Still, a VIP bachelor party sets the bar (no pun intended) very high.

Whether you visit a high-quality gentlemen’s club or you prefer something more active, here’s some NJ bachelor party ideas for an awesome party your bachelor won’t want to forget.


Go Your Own Way, or The Bachelor’s Way

Forget the movies. Don’t subscribe to anyone else’s expectations. Invest your time, instead, in thinking about what the bachelor would love to do. Have fun, but don’t risk illegal activity or getting so drunk that it ruins the wedding or the bachelor’s conscience. Within these boundaries, you have a lot of room to play.



Biking, skiing, diving, swimming with dolphins – would you believe these are all available to you in NJ? Now’s a good time to boost those endorphins with some high-quality adventure time. Go for a quality weekend away so that your VIP guests, and the bachelor especially, get the attention – and attention to detail – they deserve.


Hit Vegas

Ok, not technically one of the true NJ bachelor party ideas, but it felt wrong not to include it. In Vegas, you’ll be inundated with choices for how to spend your bachelor party weekend. Casinos, of course, are plentiful, as well as nightclubs, pool parties, fantastic bars and restaurants, adult nightclubs, and live shows.

Many people who have attempted to hit Vegas, however, have had Vegas hit back. Be aware that some of the prices can be steep and though the casinos offer plenty of enticing attractions, including free food and drink, the house always wins.

Don’t let your bachelor lose his head and his shirt. His bride-to-be will blame you. So might he. Ok, back to our bachelor party ideas that are actually in NJ!


Visit a Gentlemen’s Club in New Jersey

You don’t need to go to visit Vegas to be entertained We saved our best of the NJ bachelor party ideas for last. An NJ gentlemen’s club is just the thing for a VIP group on a bachelor weekend.

A high-quality gentlemen’s club will offer you not only gorgeous girls and erotic shows, but high-quality food and drink in a comfortable, convivial environment.

Fringe Lounge, in Morristown NJ, offers high-quality adult cabaret and burlesque performances for those seeking quality erotic parties. Fringe is a new NJ gentlemen’s club ideal for enjoying some of the world’s best adult entertainment. Accomplished dancers, trained bartenders, and intuitive DJs make this a venue not to miss.

Downstairs, you can enter the prohibition-era-style Cosmo’s 22 for an underground experience in more than one sense of the word. Whether your crew enjoys a whiskey or wants a special request from an expert mixologist, this is the place to be.

On the same site, you’ll find Whiskey and Virtue, a nuanced, ultra-club that offers a balance for those who want to mingle and those who love to dance. Look out in warmer weather – it will entertain your group with an outdoor patio bar, and incredible music, lights, and performances.

Don’t settle for any bar or restaurant. Book ahead with Fringe for an upscale NJ gentlemen’s club that knows how to cater for VIP parties.

Making your bachelor party special doesn’t need to break the bank. The effort will be worth it when your group is enjoying reserved areas, champagne, and extra attention.

Another benefit of booking some time and space at a top NJ gentlemen’s club is that the venue will be experienced with bachelor parties. How many bachelor parties have you thrown? You’ve probably not been responsible for entertaining as many guys as a gentlemen’s club has.

Whichever NJ bachelor party ideas you decide to go with, make it VIP. You want it to be a day to look back on and smile. Though, getting some professional help from a high-quality gentlemen’s club can go a long way to making your party a great success.